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AAD is the go-to conference for readers. AAD is everything I was expecting from the other conference that they failed to provide. Kel, Black Cats Book Club - 2010

My fondest memory of AAD has to be when I finally met all of my fellow Joey W. Hill forum members, and discovered they were even more awesome in person. I didn't want the weekend to end. Mindy, Reader - 2010

I have to admit readers, writers, bloggers and authors are hands down the most welcoming group of people. I was told that this only happens among the romance community. If that is the case, I picked a great group of people to be with. Jean Murray, Author - 2011

There was just such a great vibe at the con: everyone was super enthusiastic, eager to be there and meet each other and the authors, and generally just be happy and enthusiastic. I had a blast meeting everyone, and hanging out with people, and I don’t know what else to say except it was GOOD. Nicole Peeler, Author - 2011

There's something magical about being around other people who love books as much as you do. Bronwyn Green, Author - 2011

I came home with such a full heart, and a tight stomach from laughter, and I am still riding a high from being around so much positivity and enthusiasm. We all were there to share our love for our favorite books, and to learn about new books too – and that is exactly what we did. Pamela (Spaz), Blogger - 2011
Spending time with readers was amazing... I can't even begin to describe how incredible it is to hang out with the people who read the books I write. I knew a lot of people online, but meeting them in person gave me a whole new appreciation for them. Larissa Ione, Author - 2011

For my first conference EVER as well as my first conference as an author AAD had everything I could have asked for in a con. There were plenty of things to do, tons of new people to meet, and you could take your own down time where you wanted too.Elise Hepner, Author - 2011

The authors! OMG! I spent so much one on one time with various authors. It was amazing. Vanessa (Jeep Diva), Blogger - 2011

This was my fourth AAD Convention and all I can say is WOW. At the gigantic welcome ceremony I sat awed by how much the event has grown and what a wonderful job Stella Price has done. Major kudos to her and her hard working staff. Eliza Gayle, Author - 2012

One of the great things about conventions like Authors After Dark is how accessible the authors are to readers. This wasn’t just a meet an author for a minute at a signing, but time to really hang out as friends. Chelsea (Vampire Book Club), Blogger - 2012

I met some absolutely amazing authors and bloggers and all of it happened because we all love to read good books and good smut. What more can you ask for? Juiie (Yummy Men, Kiss Ass Chicks), Blogger - 2012

While at AAD, I met so many wonderful people–readers, bloggers, writers.  Strangers on the street. Everyone was nice and excited and just happy to be talking about books. The atmosphere seemed so incredibly charged with great energy–loved it! Cynthia Eden, Author - 2012

I had a fantastic time at Authors After Dark and met tons of wonderful people. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and I’ve never had a better time at a convention. I hope to attend again soon. Adrian Phoenix, Author - 2012

This year was my first AAD experience... I must say I absolutely loved it!!! I got to hang with beloved friends and make some new ones. I absolutely can not wait til next year!Jacqueline, Reader - 2014

Thank you to all the authors for such an awesome first con experience! I met so many wonderful people, authors and readers alike at ‪Authors After Dark. I'm looking forward to AAD 2015!Lynde, Reader - 2014

I want to say a loud thank you to all the incredible amazing readers and authors I got to meet this year. It was beyond outrageous and I loved every minute of it.Diana Castilleja, Author - 2014

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