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Frequently Asked Questions - Authors

Can I have my publicist contact AAD on my behalf?

Unfortunately, AAD does not work with publicists or any other author representatives, but works directly with authors only. When contacting AAD you will communicating directly with the convention director. This ensures quick answers, no miscommunication or bouts of "Telephone" issues. Professional relationships are not forged through intermediaries, they are forged through mutual respect and a common goal. Thank you for understanding.

Is it too late to be a Featured Author?

Yes, however, Authors After Dark is still accepting authors for the convention. General attendance authors will be able to participate in the signing, events and panels (space permitting). There is room for 150 authors total and all will be offered promotional opportunities as they are available.

Why is there a cap for authors?

Because AAD is for readers first and foremost. Too many authors means not enough readers. AAD started as a con that was more intimate, allowing for readers to really get to know the authors attending, to further knowledge of those author's books. With our attendance cap, we have to cap authors as well.

Will there be a promo alley or room?

Authors After Dark does not have a promo alley because of space restraints.

Can I still contribute swag to the welcome bags or other events?

Any person attending the convention (Author, Blogger, Publisher, or Industry) may contribute promo to the welcome bags or their publishers events provided they abide by the convention stipulations:

1. Paper promo is limited to the following: professionally done bookmarks, excerpt booklets and signed cover flats

2. We ask for 500 pieces of promo for the welcome bags

3. Welcome bag promo the attendees prefer is premium promo (pins, pens, magnets etc.)

Why is paper promo limited?

In 2011, AAD threw away 9 bags of paper promo alone, consisting of postcards, flyers, homemade bookmarks, business cards and “trading” cards. To limit our impact on both the environment and author wallets, we have decided this was the best course of action.

Why were authors already accepted for 2016 before general registration opened?

Authors After Dark invited some authors to serve as Featured Authors for the final year of Authors After Dark. Those accepting the invitation were accepted first.

How does one become an author for AAD if their publisher is not working with the con?

Simply register from the registration page.

Do you offer agent/editor appointments?

AAD is a reader con first and foremost, and does not offer these appointments. However, there are author and industry workshops at the convention as well as publisher tables.

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