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Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is Authors After Dark’s focus?

Authors After Dark focuses on the reader-author relationship through education of titles, genres and books in general. It is a true reader con, putting readers wants and needs at the forefront, and caters to all types of readers of romance, fantasy (including urban fantasy) and horror.

What does my registration fee cover?

Registration covers your convention event meals first and foremost. This is generally a couple lunches and dinners. Unlike other cons, we don’t charge a registration fee, and then heap on fees for other things like food and events. Truth of the matter is you DON’T pay a registration fee, you pay for the experience of meals with your favorite authors, and other charges (like hotel charges) are incurred by the convention, ensuring an affordable event almost anyone can afford. For more information on registration fees please see our registration page.

Are there other costs?

Occasionally there are workshops, off-site events or tours that are charged separately from the convention registration. All are on a voluntary basis.

Is there a special room price at the hotel?

Every year we negotiate with the host hotel for a fair price that wont break the attendee’s budget.

How many attendees can be in one room?

All hotels will take 4 (quads) in a regular double queen room, however, additional people in the room above two may incurr additonal fees per person, per night.

When and how do I register for my room?

Personal hotel reservation information will be sent via email once registration is placed for the convention. Reservations made by phone will not qualify for the convention room block or discounted room pricing.

Is there a shuttle from the airport?

These is no dedicated hotel shuttle available, however, there are many transportation options available for attendees. You can find more information on the venue page. Please note that some options will require reservations.

Is there an age limit for the event?

AAD is strictly an adult convention, so no one under 18 years old is permitted to attend.

Do you give passes for press?

No. Most conventions have money allotted for that kind of thing, but with AAD, everyone is equal. If you want to attend, you will pay the price and participate.

Do cover models attend?

No. AAD is about the readers getting to know the authors they love, talking about the books the author writes and getting immersed in the characters, the writing and the stories. AAD does include programming featuring cover artists so readers can talk to the artist about how they designed the covers with the author's work in mind.

What should I wear? Is the convention casual dress?

Yes! Unlike the business cons, this is more relaxing. Wear what your comfortable in, whether its Pj’s and bunny slippers or full-blown elaborate costumes, we don’t judge.

Do I need to bring a costume?

No, but dressing up is such fun, and it’s a safe and accepting environment. We encourage costumes for the parties, but it isn’t mandatory.

Are meals included?

Registration includes event related lunches and dinners. This is generally a couple lunches and dinners. Registration does not include all of the meals, snacks or the drinks you may find necessary for your stay.

Are drinks included?

Yes and no. Some events have hosted open bars others will have cash bars.

Can I have a party in my room?

Sure. Just don’t break anything, and no goat… please *shudder*.

When should I arrive?

The convention welcoming events start early Wednesday evening. The full day schedule starts on Thursday. We suggest you arrive Wednesday afternoon to get settled in so you don’t miss anything. Registration will be available throughout the convention for later arrivals.

When does the convention end?

AAD ends before noon on the final listed day.

When do I need to pay?

Payment is due upon registration.

What if I need to cancel?

Authors After Dark does not registration refunds. All sales are finAL

If you need to cancel it will be up to you to find someone to take your ticket and pay you directly. It will also be up to you to notify AAD of the name change (including email address) for the ticket.

I registered, what now?

Like Authors After Dark on Facebook and follow the blog for all the updates and fun. Watch your email for confirmation and hotel registration information.

Do I need to register for the panels I want to attend?

No. All panels are open to those who register for the con.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! Take tons! There is nothing pretentious about AAD! Still, ask an author before snapping a picture, as some are incognito and would prefer to not be outted.

What do I put as my badge name?

Anything you want, but make it something you will answer to and remember when you arrive to the convention registration.

Will there be a booksigning?

Yes. Every year from 2-4 on the Saturday of the event, we hold a booksigning for the attendees and general public. Attendance for the general public is free. Attendees may be allowed early entrance.

Can I bring my own books to be signed?

Yes, but please keep it limited as not to monopolize an authors time. Many are interested in meeting them, and they should have the chance to.

For those bringing in books, they will need to be labeled before entering and checked again before exiting the book signing. Please be patient through this process.

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