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Master of Ceremonies:

Sherrilyn Kenyon      

Featured Authors:

Kerry Adrienne Leanna Renee Hieber Marianne Morea Sara York
Normandie Alleman Joey W. Hill Julie Morgan Rebecca Zanetti
Louisa Bacio Yvette Hines Nancy Naigle  
Candace Blevins J.A. Howell Kirsten Osbourne  
Caryn Moya Block Olivia Jaymes Robyn Peterman  
T.C. Blue Suzanne Johnson S.A. Price  
Coreene Callahan Cat Johnson A.D. Roland  
Kris Calvert Stephanie Julian Carrie Ann Ryan  
Diana Castilleja Tawdra Kandle Melissa Schroeder  
S.P. Cervantes Kiernan Kelly Kathleen Scott  
Teresa D'Amario Sahara Kelly Liz Schulte  
Bianca D'Arc Mina Khan Jennah Scott  
Jae Lynne Davies Sherri L. King SE Smith  
Lia Davis Ciara Knight Bianca Sommerland  
A.L. Davroe Eve Langlais Becca St. John  
Vella Day Taylor Law Connie Suttle  
Marissa Dobson Jenn LeBlanc Milly Taiden  
Cheryl Dragon Roz Lee Chudney Thomas  
C.j. Ellisson Heather Long Lori Toland  
Dena Garson J.M. Madden T. Lynne Tolles  
Eliza Gayle Ann Mayburn Jenny Trout  
Tilly Greene Kristen Hope Mazzola Jolynne Valerie  
J.M. Gregorie Amanda McIntyre Jodi Vaughn  
Amy Gregory Hildie McQueen Eve Vaughn  
Andrew Grey T.J. Michaels Brandy Walker  
M.L. Guida Marianne Morea Beth Williamson  
Lia Habel Julie Morgan Tracy Wolff  

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