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Featured Authors:

Kerry Adrienne Andrew Grey Evelyn Leaderman A.D. Roland
Christine Alverez Mark Henry Jenn LeBlanc Bianca Sommerland
Louisa Bacio Leanna Renee Hieber M.K. Mancos Milly Taiden
Sidney Bristol Joey W. Hill Melanie Marchande Lori Toland
Diana Castilleja Mikea Howard T.J. Michaels Jenny Trout
Lia Davis Olivia Jaymes Kele Moon Jolynne Valerie
A.L. Davroe Cat Johnson Marianne Morea Sasha White
Eliza Gayle Stephanie Julian Julie Morgan  
Tilly Greene Mina Khan S.A. Price  
J.M. Gregorie Sahara Kelly Terri Riggs  

Attending Authors:

Arshad Ahsanuddin Jean Murray T. Lynne Tolles  
Catherine Beaumont Cassidy K. O'Connor Jodi Vaughn  
Chasity Bowlin Tonya Plank Violet Vaughn  
Wende Dikec S. Blue Remy Lily Vega  
JN Johnson C.R. Runchey    
Kelsey Jordan Suki Sather    
Ambrielle Kirk Colette Saucier    
Sheri Lyn Timonique Stevens    
Gracen Miller VJ Summers    
Linda Mooney Elle Thorne    

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